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Trail Running Social Media Fails!

Given that we live in a world that needs to know our every move (well it must do right?!), especially as a runner, here is a short fun guide to some of the pitfalls of posting as a trail runner.

Blurred shots

Let’s start off basic, a blurred shot is really not a great start. What is it that you are taking a photo of? The path, a tree, a distant squirrel? Basically, if you are in low light, it’s unlikely to come out, unless of course you have the SLR setup. So just enjoy the trail and take a photo another day!

Over filtered

#nofilter means just that, so if it’s psychedelic or every single object is traced around with a line, then it’s probably been massively filtered. Sometimes a good shot needs no elevation. A chef won’t use all the spices in the kitchen on each dish, it’s better to just chill with the filters sometimes and let nature shine through.


Getting the wrong hastag can disastrous! It is actually a lot easier to do than you may realise, in fact you probably have already done it!! #Running is a pretty easy one to mess up, here are a few accidental shockers: #trailrubbing #rubbingmotivation #adentures (hmm teethy) #trailrubbers - I'm sure you can think of many more!

Not quite shots

We’ve all been there, desperately trying to get the right shot, but all you get is a half a foot, half a face, you’re on your own, the light is fading and you still are trying to second-guess the self-timer. When you finally do get the shot, you look stressed and you were supposed to be running gracefully but actually now you you’re running like you need the bathroom. Not exactly capturing that trail enlightenment that you wanted the world to see. Maybe it's time to head home!

Don’t forget to get real

As much as we all use our phones, it’s also really important to just put them away. The best memories are the ones you can’t put into a photo, they are the experience themselves. Happy posting!