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Who We Are

Since 2013, Run the Wild has been dedicated to delivering incredible trail running adventures in the UK and European Alps. Trail running is the ultimate pursuit of freedom, of feeling alive and it's something we are really passionate about! There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of running along mountain paths and for a moment leaving behind your busy life. Start YOUR amazing journey with Run the Wild!

The company was founded to bring this experience of running trails in the wild; free of the usual race and logistical burdens, to you. We love exploring places, not just running races. We love meeting people and having an adventure together. We like races too, but this is where our heart really lies and if we can help you have more fun running trails; whether to see the sun rise over Mt Blanc as you climb up over a mountain pass, or indeed to check out a future race route then we will be happy! 

Join us running off into the unknown, the path flowing underneath your feet, snow capped mountains glinting in the sun, clouds melting away in the valleys far below. Setting your heart and mind free... Exploring places... not running races. This is what it feels like to be alive!

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir,

Meet the team.

What Makes Us Different?

We are passionate about running adventures, in fact it's the only thing we do! By taking part in a Run the Wild holiday you become part of Run the Wild. Your Lead Runner will guide your route. The logistic team meet each you morning and where possible for a refreshment stop during the day - typically unique to RtW. We use nice hotels wherever possible. We recommend getting stuck into the trail but not forgetting to celebrate the achievements and your holiday with a glass of champagne at the end of the trip. Apart from all the logistic support you'll receive as well as a lead runner, we emphasize the social side of running. Our groups run as a small team, typically up to 5 members. In the evening we meet for dinner, have a few beers, reflecting on the day we've had as well as what will happen on the next. It's also a great time to share stories and experience and have a bit of fun. Friendships are such an important part of these sort of expeditions and are another aspect that set us apart from the world of racing.

"Exploring places... not running races."

The Logo

Run the Wild is really proud of its logo. It encapsulates what we are all about. The animal in our logo is a mountain goat. The mountain goat is a strong symbol of trail and mountain prowess, their ability to run around on the steep mountainsides at speed and without falling is matched by few other animals. If you are lucky you may see an Ibex or Chamois on one of our trips in the Alps! To see them running over the rocks and steep mountain sides with effortless strength is very impressive. The logo also is designed to show our affinity and respect for the environment that we operate in. The mountains and wild places of the UK and Europe are beautiful and need to be kept that way for the generations to come.