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Guide spotlight - Katie van de Linde

***Guide Spotlight - Katie***
This week in Guide Spotlight, we introduce to you Katie Van de Linde! Katie lives just down the road in Cheddington with her husband, two children and elderly German Shorthaired Pointer, once a very enthusiastic running companion but now retired. Katie covers a range of distances including having completed 6 sub 4hr marathons, but is also a regular at the local Park Run. When not on the trails (or in lockdown [☹️] ) Katie enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding her bike and enjoys working as a Primary School teacher.

~ What got you into running?
I enjoyed sports at school and was successful in cross country and middle distance running (Katie represented the county at Junior level). 10 years ago I rediscovered the joy and benefits of running and haven’t looked back since. I run to keep fit, and explore the local area. I really enjoy the flexibility of running, going out whenever I can.

~ Favourite memory from the trails
It has to be running the Endure24 - a 24hr trail relay race of continuous 5 mile loops. I was part of a great team of 6, but have to admit I cried when it was my turn to run having to get up at 3am to run 5miles. It was brutal!!

~ What do you most enjoy about being a RtW guide?
I love sharing my running experiences and local knowledge. It’s great to share the stunning trails around here and meet other runners. It’s great being part of a fantastic RtW team!

~ What is your favourite trail snack?
Any sweeties, cheese and tuc biscuits. Sweet and Salty….mmmmm

~ What do you feel is the most beneficial sort of training session for you?
The long runs when marathon or ultra training. The sense of relief and achievement is amazing!

~ Do you have a favourite race?
I persuaded my husband to join me running on holiday in Australia. He hasn’t looked back since and in October last year we completed the Druid Challenge 84 mile Ridgeway Ultra over 3 days together (Katie finished 10th).

Guide spotlight - Katie van de Linde